Avery Senior Housing

Avery Company – Your Personal Rainmaker

G. Avery Enterprises, Inc., is a California Corporation DBA Avery Company.

Because of our many years of experience of being Finders, we have cultivated numerous personal relationships with those seeking to acquire Healthcare and Retirement properties.

Our day- to- day work in our proprietary database allows us to be effective finders within a short period of time. Our database contains a large number of individually provided emails, fax numbers, and/or text message numbers, given with the expressed permission of the Principals. This information is never sold to any party for any purpose.

Finders make introductions and act as intermediaries between principals. They are professionals from a particular industry who are knowledgeable about the national marketplace of that industry. Once we, as a finder, have identified an opportunity, principals must rely upon their own professionals, such as attorney, accountant, etc. to analyze and decide whether to pursue the opportunity we have introduced.